Ladies, let’s be kind to ourselves. Having cellulite is cool, having love handles is cool, having big/little fat rolls is cool, having stretch marks is cool, also not having all those things or on a milder level is cool. http://barrysautobodyshop.com/lisinopril Whatever you got is cool. Obsessing over wanting to be skinnier or curvier and damaging your health and self-esteem is not.
You don’t need to belittle yourself because someone’s opinion about you hurt your feelings, don’t be afraid to take up space, physically nor with your personality. Don’t surrender to the pressure of people telling you “women are supposed to be curvy, but not too much, they’re supposed to have long hair, they’re supposed to wear makeup and be pretty all the time”. You’re not supposed to be a damn thing. Do you. Put your health and wellbeing first. Masturbate, love and pleasure yourself, don’t be afraid of your sexuality and to demand things.
browse this site Welcome your flaws people.